Joost de Valk publicly announced he…

Joost de Valk publicly announced he is stepping down from his role as Marketing Lead, a position he held for about six months. Joost will return to Yoast in the role of Chief Product Officer.

Joost gave more than one reason for making this move but emphasized “feeling left out of all the decisions” that would make him useful as a marketing lead:

I’ve not encountered (or been brought into) any discussions about our product vision… I was expecting there to be some backchannels where these discussions were had and these decisions were made, turns out these simply don’t exist.

Joost says the decision-making process (including Matt Mullenweg‘s involvement in it) should be “opened up.”

As strides are being made in improving communication and leadership, it’s hard to say this isn’t a step backward for WordPress. 😔

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