Helen Hou-Sandí recently streamed herself testing…

Helen Hou-Sandí recently streamed herself testing the full site editing feature in the latest version of Gutenberg. The video is over three hours long, and most of it contains her live comments as she uses the interface. I think this is very useful for someone like me who really hasn’t played that much with FSE yet. It helps a lot to see a “common user” (what Helen calls herself in the feed) trying to navigate full site editing.

Helen’s take on FSE:

“I think it’s a really compelling experience with a lot of potential! It’s still iterative software, and whatever the decision is about shipping it in core this round, I think it represents where we’re going in terms of web experiences, and I’m excited about it.”

If you are involved with FSE or want a preview, bookmark this. 📑

I want to see more videos of people using software and products they haven’t used much before. This is an excellent means of feedback — especially since live events are still off the table. 👍

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