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How Open Source is WordPress?

And how much weight does the community carry?

This week we’ve seen a lot of discussion around the Active Install Growth Chart in the WordPress Repository. Mark Zahra has rallied the community to push back and find answers. He has an open meta Trac ticket you can follow and comment on to see where this goes, but it does beg the question: how open is our open-source community when decisions can be made unilaterally without warning and without community input?

This isn’t the first time the community has dealt with changes (remember when Gutenberg was introduced?), and it certainly won’t be the last time (history in any community bears witness to this), but when should the community be involved, how much involvement should there be, and how and when do you notify the community at large?

Decision-by-committee is difficult enough, and decision-by-community is called an election. Surely there must be a way that we can gather information, keep the community informed, and move forward in a mutually-beneficial way. I don’t claim to have solutions, but I, along with many of you, will be watching to see how this goes.

Brace Yourself – Black Friday is Coming (and Cyber Monday, too)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday will be here soon! (I can’t believe it either.) And as we have in years past, we’d like to help you get the word out on your deals. Head over to our intake form, and we will add the deals you submit to our dedicated annual BF/CM page.

Our 2022 BFCM page will be published on October 19 and updated several times weekly thereafter.

Racism and Allyship

Racism and Allyship continue to be a conversation in the WordPress community. Allie Nimmons recently hosted a two-hour webinar on How to Be a Better Ally. Feedback on the event was all positive, mostly due to the non-lecture way that Allie presents on the topic, and also the workshop approach to challenging the attendees to think about their current beliefs and how they consider themselves allies, how they think they can do better, and how we can all challenge ourselves to think about our place in the community to one another. I consider myself an ally, and I look for ways that I can improve continually, and this workshop helped me move forward in that even more. If you weren’t able to attend, you can still purchase the event and watch it online. I urge you to do it.

New Post Status Meetup/Huddle for Europe

To accommodate more availability for our European member, hosts Jason Rouet and Evangelia Pappa will be holding our Post Status Member Huddle on Fridays @ 2pm Paris (+2). SIGN UP →

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