How to keep leads warm

Curtis McHale has some excellent advice on how to keep leads warm. He uses an example of when he needed work and was able to get booked up for a month in a matter of hours. His trick is to always be in touch with clients.

Iโ€™ve got to write 5 emails a day all the time to 5 different people? Who on earth has time for that?

How on earth am I supposed to even find something to say to 5 people a day?

Iโ€™d say that my time touching base with 5 people a day takes up about 20 minutes a day. Itโ€™s not really that much time and it helps me maintain my six-figure income a year. Iโ€™d say that about 50% of my billing is from leads that I keep warm.

Thatโ€™s $50K from keeping leads warm.

Now do you think you could spare 20 minutes a day?

We can learn a lot about processes from Curtis, and this post is no exception. He automates most of that emailย process.