Human Made wants to sell WP Remote

Human Made wants to sell WP Remote. It’s a great product (I’ve used it a number of times), people like it, and it’s got a lot of upside. But their focus is elsewhere. They share their motivation and some numbers on the blog post.

Even though it continues to do well, we just haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to WP Remote. We hadambitious plans for a version 2, we introduced a premium version that we backed out of because we didn’t have the resources to run and grow it, and we’ve got lots of great ideas both from it’s users and ourselves that we haven’t been able to act on. We’re too busy with other things, including Happytables, our client work, events, and more.

We really believe in WP Remote and love it as a product, however focus is important and we’re just not able to give it to WP Remote. We owe it to the product — and its many users — to find it a better home.

The numbers

There are over 18,000 registered users with over 96,000 sites monitored. 1,850 people logged in during the past 30 days. 1,200 of those have more than 5 sites added to their account and 110 of them have more than 50 sites monitored. Our users rely on WP Remote as a key part of their business. In the past 30 days WP Remote was used to perform over 20,000 plugin updates.

Each week between 50 and 100 new users sign up and over half of them go on to add a site.

We introduced a premium plan for a few months and in that time converted around 60 paying customers, we pulled it because we just didn’t have the resources internally to support it with development, support and marketing. There is obvious opportunity in a premium plan with additional features. We have surveys we’ve run with users telling us the premium features they’d like us to build. There are also obvious revenue opportunities that come from partnering with hosts and or premium plugins / services. We’d be happy to share all these ideas with you.

They are taking offers, if you or someone you know is interested in buying WP Remote. I think this could be a great opportunity for someone. They already have some interested parties, but knowing Human Made, I bet they’d listen to all sorts of opportunities if they came from people that they felt comfortable would put WP Remote on the right track.

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