If you step out, keep the door cracked

WordPress is an amazing community, but if you’ve been in it for long, it can be a bit rough too. We are one big messy family. For the overwhelming majority of my time in it, I’ve found the most incredible people. But sometimes it can feel brutal if you let it.

Last week, I talked to a long-time WordPress community leader, and they mentioned they were ready to move on to other things. It’s something I hear often from professionals taking new jobs: “I’m not doing WordPress anymore.” And from other friends too over the years.

Frankly, I thought I was done too once (or maybe a dozen times), but I never say goodbye to friends, and don’t ever want them to think that I will. So I always keep the door open. As I said in 2019, “I’ll be a WordPress user and cheerleader for life.” Only to come back to the business a year later.

Professionally, if I named one key element of my success it would be my relationships. I can trace every “big” or “successful” thing I’ve done to mutually generous healthy friendships.

So take your time and space away. Whatever you need. Just don’t slam the door shut in a moment of exhaustion or exasperation. And be sure not to slam it ON those incredible people who remain.

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