If you wanted to improve the…

If you wanted to improve the accessibility of your website but haven’t found the time to dive too deeply into the provided information from those in the community, give Rachel Carden’s recently released Wa11y plugin a try. The plugin is a “web accessibility toolbox” which includes the Tota11y and WAVE tools to help evaluate and visualize your site with other accessibility tools.

You may also be interested to check out some direct (and free) courses from EggHead.io, presented by Marcy Sutton.

Speaking of accessibility, also check out Joe Dolson’s article advocating that themes are not web sites. Joe makes the point to say what while accessible themes are possible, WordPress (and the entire CMS based community) still has a long road to go. “The idea that you can create a system that’s powerful and flexible that guarantees an accessible end product is many grand leaps in the future.”

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