Makers of WP Rocket are getting into WordPress security

WP Media — the team behind WP Rocket (a commercial caching product) — are getting into the WordPress security sector. SecuPress hasn’t yet launched, but they are starting early access trials for people that sign up through their home page.

They are highlighting the service as a combination of, “detection, protection, correction, and backup.” The site scanner and health check tools are built into a custom interface, and are part of the site’s WordPress dashboard.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.33.29 PM

The product seems pretty clearly aligned against options from iThemes, VaultPress (or more specifically, the Jetpack pro add-on), BlogVault, WordFence, and to some degree Sucuri and SiteLock.

The WordPress security space is increasingly crowded. In addition to those listed, many managed hosts also provide a variety of similar functions, or offload them to partners like those above. But WP Media has done really well with WP Rocket — passing $1 million in revenue and 100,000 sites after three years — and there is probably room for more players in the security market as well.

What becomes difficult for site owners is differentiating the services available to them. How do you compare? What is similar or different between various tools? Each plugin or business is trying to stand out in their own ways, and “security” can be defined in so many ways. For instance, just consider the backup component that many of them offer: it is a part of a security solution, but you wouldn’t really consider it a primary component. But it is part of the value consideration when comparing tools and trying to figure out which route to take.

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