Inherit customizer settings between parent and child themes

I found this plugin today, when I had a situation come up where I needed to convert customizer settings from a parent theme to a newly installed child theme.

This isn’t my first go at this. In fact, I think WordPress should auto-inherit customizer settings for child themes, so I created a ticket for it last year.

Zack Tollman did a better job of describing the workflow problem:

We had a number of users who use a workflow like this:

  1. Install parent theme
  2. Customize theme via the customizer
  3. Run into style issue that cannot be handled via a theme option
  4. Install child theme to add custom CSS
  5. All options are lost

Today, I found a  plugin that allows you to import and export customizer settings. It got the job done for me, but it would be near unfindable to an end user that doesn’t even know the name “customizer”. I still think this needs to be in core. Meanwhile, I figured some of you may want to know about the customizer import / export plugin.

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