Introducing Team Membership

I want to make Post Status content available to as many people as possible, and support a thriving and dynamic professional community.

I’m now ready to try something new. It includes changes to content and Club membership structure.

The Post Status weekly newsletter is now free for all who subscribe. The Club-only content will evolve further, but the free content will look similar to what Post Status members are already accustomed to. (Here’s an example.)

There is still a Club Membership, but the structure of benefits works this way now:

  • The baseline weekly newsletter will be free to all subscribers — no longer exclusive to club members only.
  • The Slack chat will remain members only.
  • On-demand access to corporate deals will be members only. The “deal of the week” will be available by newsletter to everyone.
  • Organization and profile listings will continue to be members only.
  • Job postings and deal postings will be for member organizations only.
  • New Post Status Reports will be long-form member only content with specific focus areas:
    • These will be structured as “State of _____;” i.e., hosting, themes, plugins, etc., as well as other subjects. These can be expected to be published about once a month.
  • Non-stream complete access to Publish Online events will be members only — unless speakers choose to publish their sessions themselves, which I’ve given each the opportunity to do.

I am introducing Team Memberships so that companies can help support Post Status to keep publishing great (free and members-only) content.

Historically I have had yearly partners, from 12 initially to 6 now, which has always raised about $30k annually in revenue. I will be doing this again, and hopefully, this will give our partners greater access to Post Status with a free newsletter that can get more attention from more readers. Partners receive all the benefits of a Team Membership, plus advertising space. Partnerships are renewing now. Contact me if you’re interested in this option. (Note: existing partners have the first choice on these renewals.)

Team membership is a separate, non-advertising, corporate contribution to the site. Team Members get everything members get, but for their whole organization. It is tiered by company size.

Team membership benefits are:

  • Every member of your team has full Post Status Club Member access.
  • Your organization gets 2 free job postings per year (a $198 value) which go out to the free newsletter. This is becoming a well-known resource in the broader community for folks seeking employment.
  • Each company that’s a member will be displayed as such on the website, on their organization listing (example), and on a special page to recognize them.

Team memberships are priced as follows:

  • Up to 10 employees: $799 per year for your entire team.
  • 11 to 15 employees: $999 per year for your entire team.
  • 16 to 24 employees: $1,299 per year for your entire team.
  • 25 to 49 employees: $1,799 per year for your entire team.
  • 50 to 99 employees: $2,499 per year for your entire team.
  • 100+ employees: $3,000 per year for your entire team.

Supporting Post Status with a Team Memberships ensures continuous education for your team and will help you keep your entire team apprised of what’s happening in the WordPress ecosystem. You’ll also be supporting a stronger, independent news and research outlet for the WordPress and web community.

For people who are already Post Status Members, your membership will be rolled into your Team if your organization joins Post Status. Encourage your team to join if you know a lot of folks in your company are members already. Everyone will save!

This program is also designed to encourage a more distributed method for the ongoing monetization of Post Status, and it enables companies of any size to participate for less money than it costs to contribute to most conferences. Your whole team will benefit as well.

I hope that you and your company will consider a Team Membership for Post Status. I am grateful for the support of this site over the past four and a half years, and I look forward to many more. This is another step toward making that happen.

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