Jetpack 2.5 gets deeper Google and Facebook integrations

Jetpack 2.5 was just released and comes with a number of new features. The most interesting is the new integrations with Google, including the ability to easily embed maps, calendars, and more. For those that are big Facebook users, you can embed Facebook status updates into your blog posts with Jetpack now too. Also added was integration with Automattic’s VideoPress product, which I’m surprised wasn’t already there.

These updates come just a couple of weeks behind Jetpack 2.4 that had lots of new functionality like Widget Visibility and Connect. Automattic is really putting a lot of effort into Jetpack right now.

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  1. JetPack really surprised me. I used it sometime when it first showed up but didn’t impress me and forgotten about it. A month ago or so I installed it and was really impressed by all the nice functionality it brings.
    Now it’s quite common to recommend this plugin for different things like Contact Forms and now maps and Facebook.

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