Technical Support Specialist @ FacetWP

FacetWP is looking for a smart and motivated person to help provide excellent support to our customers.

We’re looking for a smart, talented, and motivated individual to join our support team (approximately 20-30 hours per week).

FacetWP is an advanced filtering plugin for WordPress. Starting as a hobby project in late 2013, we’ve grown into a successful small business.


This is a customer support role. The bulk of customer interactions will be technical, so a strong background in WordPress development is required.

We use Help Scout as our support system, Slack for internal discussions, and all our code is hosted on GitHub.


  • A strong understanding of the WordPress codebase, such as experience using hooks (actions/filters), WP_Query, and WPDB
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • The ability to explain (often complex) topics clearly and succinctly
  • WordPress plugin development experience is a plus