Senior PHP Engineer @ Human Made

Human Made is looking for Senior PHP engineers to work on big media and enterprise projects.

Human Made is looking for Senior PHP Engineers to work on enterprise-level WordPress projects. You’ll architect, build, and deliver complex client projects for large enterprise and publishing clients.

As a senior engineer, you’ll be expected to be able to design and architect complex sites, taking them from start to finish. Strong communication skills are a must, both for working with your team and communicating with clients directly when needed. You’ll be expected to own the project, and lead other engineers on your team. This includes making pragmatic decisions, especially when working with new concepts and technologies.

You should have 2+ years experience working in a senior capacity on PHP projects. Experience with WordPress is a plus, but not required.

Human Made is a fully remote company, which means that all of our employees need a unique set of skills to function as part of the team. You should be able to work independently, to prioritise your tasks, be able to make decisions, and feel comfortable asking questions when needed. You should be inquisitive and open to learning new things and looking at the world in new ways. You should be someone who looks for ways to balance their work with the rest of their life.

We are one of 13 VIP Service Partners. We work with big names in publishing and in enterprise, including Standard Chartered, News UK, Greenpeace, Unison, Sony, PayPal, and Airbnb.

We offer great benefits, including a remote work allowance, a minimum of 28 days paid holiday, 52 weeks parental leave, and a conference and training budget. You’ll also meet up with the rest of the company at our annual retreat. In the past, these have taken place in the UK, Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, and Slovakia. You can read more about working at Human Made in our company handbook.

Our team consists of 50+ people across 5 continents. Although we have offices in the UK and Australia, the majority of the company works fully remotely. On the whole, you’ll be able to work when you want and where you want.

About Human Made

Human Made is a fully distributed web development agency, with employees spread across the globe. We develop WordPress websites and applications for a broad range of clients in enterprise and publishing.

What matters most at Human Made are the humans who make up the team. We believe that we do our best work when we strike the right balance between work and life, prioritising home and family while still being dedicated and serious in our careers. We work flexibly, focusing on completing tasks not on counting hours, and we monitor our workloads to ensure no one is overworked.

As a distributed team, communication is crucial to the smooth running of the company, and we value communication skills above all. We also value learning and collaboration, and always strive to create a supportive community in which every individual can flourish. As open source software is the cornerstone of our business, we encourage all of our employees to contribute to open source projects.

You will have the opportunity to work on diverse and challenging client projects. We work with clients such as News UK, USA Today, Greenpeace, Unison, and Techcrunch. Throughout your work you will have a team that supports you, both in learning the skills you need for the job, and in working and communicating with our broad group of clients.

We are an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We are committed to creating a diverse environment that every team member feels proud to be part of, and welcome applications from any people in any country across the world