Josepha Haden Chomphosy has a new…

Josepha Haden Chomphosy has a new post about some updates to the roadmap and some high-level clarifications about Full Site Editing (SE). 📝

Some Highlights:

  • Full site editing “isn’t shipping as the full, default experience for users… this merge process won’t be an on/off switch. The focus now is not on a full and nuanced user experience, but more of an open public beta within WordPress 5.8.”
  • The first “go/no go date is next week.” On April 14 the Gutenberg plugin will ship v10.4 and shortly thereafter will be “the go/no go demo.”
  • Regarding the April 14th demo, those in attendance will include Matt Mullenweg, Matias Ventura, Helen Hou-Sandi, and of course Josepha. The agenda will include Matias showing the features intended for WordPress 5.8 followed by “discussions and implementation questions.”

This post along with other recent communications about FSE is gathering some discussion in Post Stack Slack.

Anne McCarthy is spearheading the FSE Outreach Program and would love to have people testing now rather than later:

“Much of the feedback that has already come up in the program has proved to be helpful for these decision points, so please don’t hold back/wait if you are interested and have time.”

While the support for FSE is positive overall and going in the right direction, there are some concerns in the community about the rollout’s potential for drama and negative reactions in the larger web community. Reactions to the Gutenberg (Phase 1) release have provided some reasons for caution.

From what I can gather, a smooth transition and welcome reception is what everyone wants. I think the communication from the project leaders (such as the above post from Josepha) truly helps.

👉 If you want to see Full Site Editing demoed live by Anne McCarthy, join the WordPress Mega Meetup next Thursday (April 15th) at 6:30pm (David Bisset co-hosts that meeting).

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