Let’s go to conference corner: There…

Let’s go to conference corner:

There are two camping related micro conferences being organized.

Mendel Kurland is organizing Camp Press, and “unplugged” event that will take place in Oklahoma September 23rd and 24th. They are seeking sponsors, and the time for early bird tickets is almost over.

David Laietta is organizing CabinPress in Orlando, November 3-5th, and is also an opportunity to disconnect and engage in real life. There are very few spots for this event.

From my outsider perspective, Camp Press is more traditional camping (though not in tents) while CabinPress is more glamping 🙂 Both look like good fun.

Chris Lema and Jennifer Bourn are putting on a non-WordPress conference that focuses on “turning ideas into successful products or services.” The event is happening in San Diego on June 13 and 14.

At PressNomics, a lot of people asked me about dates for Publish. It’s a fair question, since I changed them. As a reminder, set your calendars for August 3-4, in Atlanta. I’ll have tickets available soon, along with initial speaker and sponsor information. I’m super excited about this event and hope you’ll come. Keep an eye on poststatus.com/publish.