Let’s go to podcast corner: HowIBuiltIt…

Let’s go to podcast corner:

HowIBuiltIt is a new podcast from Joe Casabona who interviews product owners and developers to see how they built specific products. The first official episode is with Jason Coleman, creator of Paid Memberships Pro. I recorded an episode with Joe as well, due out soon.

Another podcast of interest: Mastermind.fm has an interview with Zack Katz, creator of the GravityView plugin. Zack shares that he’s made $330,000+ in two years of GravityView, and talks about how he learned some important lessons about the WordPress community early on (including what not to do).

One more: WP-Tonic’s latest episode features Matt Medeiros, and they discuss whether it’s getting more difficult for WordPress freelancers to make a decent living with WordPress.

CodePen is doing a series where they interview other small businesses. The one with CraftCMS offers significant food for thought, and in my opinion some unintended WordPress misinformation. Another with the founder of Zapier is fascinating. I use and love Zapier, but knew very little about the company.

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