GoDaddy has acquired ManageWP

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

27 thoughts on “GoDaddy has acquired ManageWP”

  1. This is huge! The merger/integration of Godaddy & ManageWP will be interesting to see. I don’t feel the rollout of ManageWP features in Godaddy or a December demo would be possible to see soon. 3 months for something like this seems like a short period.

  2. GoDaddy hosting has had a bad reputation for a long time, but they have spent tens of millions of dollars on their managed infrastructure and tooling

    Yet their managed WordPress hosting package still doesn’t use PHP 5.6 or greater.

  3. I’m an affiliate of ManageWP. I wonder how this will effect the affiliate marketers.

    I moved away from GD years ago and hosting in the cloud at a better host.

  4. I’m a GoDaddy Hosting reseller and I admit that they’ve had a bad reputation, I sincerely hope that this acquisition will bode well for their customers.

  5. Hey, Brian!
    Thanks for your post. My response was a bit too big to fit in a comment, so I ended up writing a 1500+ words post about it.

    đŸ”„ Dealing with GoDaddy ManageWP Acquisition & #WPDrama?
    Link →

    I hope things go as planned! Congrats, both ManageWP and GoDaddy!

    • Thanks for writing this, Brian and Ahmad.
      I read through the disappointed comments on AWP with my eyes wide open. I mean, I can get people trying to predict/guess what will be the affect of such an acquisition on ManageWP, but I find it strange that people are so emotional about it that they won’t even give it the slimmest chance of working out. Pessimism at its best.
      I wish both companies that the pessimists will be the ones to miss out on an even better ManageWP.

  6. This is a massive mark for the team! Congrats 100% to the ManageWP team. I’ve been hearing lots about Orion and this post has pricked my ears to do my own research on the revamp! Super stoked and thanks for the post!

  7. Now Godaddy just needs to simplify their hosting / domain management control panels and stop trying to constantly up-sell me. That would be great.

  8. I’m a huge huge huge fan on ManageWP and I hope their service and planned API are still being offered to agencies and other who plan to manage a large number of sites. It’s such a great solution that I’d hate to see it rolled into the services of just one hosting provider, no matter which one 🙂

  9. I was once a GoDaddy hosting reseller and had nothing but complaints from my customers. In my opinion, GoDaddy has two things to fix. First, they need to up the technology/versions used for PHP and MySQL. Second, they need to improve their support. Waiting 30 minutes to talk with someone that ultimately can’t solve your issue is an extreme pain and burden on business owners.

    I’m a ManageWP customer and I’m extremely disappointed as it sounds like the incentive is going to be have your stuff hosted at GD. It doesn’t make good business sense for me to put my clients websites on overcrowded servers with outdated technology.

    I’ll be curious to see if their “integrations” will go for VPS too as shared hosting at GD is out of the question for me.

    • I agree, I’m quite disappointed with this news, especially since I’ve had nothing but trouble with GD and their overcrowded servers. They even stole one of my domain names, refusing to release it to another domain company and making me pay twice for it!

      I had such high hopes for Orion and transitioned everything there last week. Now I’ll be moving somewhere else..

  10. I have to admit it was a surprising move but I guess that will improve support from godaddy site as well and will power manageWP to expand it’s services.

  11. I’m very happy for ManageWP team. Been using them for sometime now and i love their service. I just hope they were able to get a good deal (in terms of $$$$)

  12. A big deal alright!

    Managewp is a great service for managing multiple websites, I imagine it’s another way for Godaddy to offer a complete service. A service that is self fulfilled. I.e godaddy doesn’t have to deal with many queries and problems, instead people can manage their own websites and learn how and what they have to do through Managewp.

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