Rejuvenating old software products, with Pippin Williamson

In this episode of Post Status Draft, Brian talks to Pippin Williamson, and they examine the efforts he and his team have made while breathing new life into Restrict Content Pro.

In this episode of Post Status Draft, I talk to Pippin Williamson, and we discuss the renewed effort he and his team have made to rejuvenate Restrict Content Pro.

Restrict Content Pro was initially sold without even a dedicated landing page, was successful on Code Canyon for a time, then he let it sputter as he and his team concentrated on Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP.

But Pippin knew that Restrict Content Pro still had more life in it, and he wanted to see it become the kind of product he knew it had the potential to be. So when John Parris — at the time primarily working with Easy Digital Downloads — said he was interested in helping make RCP a proper membership plugin, Pippin jumped on the opportunity.

They have had a good bit of success early on in the attempt to rejuvenate this product:

Our goal was to double or triple the monthly revenue within six months. In March, 2016, RCP brought in $7,700. Last month, July 2016, it brought in $11,400. August, 2016, is estimated to bring in a little over $12,000.

We’re at the five month mark and have increased monthly revenue by about 1.5. That’s not double yet, but it’s getting close. Within another few months, I expect we’ve surpass $15,000 in monthly sales. Even with just an increase of 1.5, we’re still looking at more than $100,000 in annual revenue, and the monthly revenue is higher than it ever was in the past, so we’re succeeding.

Our conversation picked up where the blog post left off. We talked about the pain points they encountered during this effort, some of the additional rewards they've had, and how he structures the business more generally to have the same team work on multiple products.

If you are a business owner, or aspire to be one — or if you are curious about managing multiple lines of business at once — then I think you'll really enjoy this episode.

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And, if you're a Post Status Club member, Pippin and I recorded a bonus segment, where we discuss hosted WordPress eCommerce, and Pippin shares his opinions on the concept, and whether or not it's something they are considering for Restrict Content Pro and/or Easy Digital Downloads.

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Original photo credit: Marc Benzakein at WCSD