Let’s learn in Cape Town

cape-townWordCamp Cape Town is November 7th, and I’m really excited to have an opportunity to take part. The timing worked out perfectly, and it will be an excellent chance to learn, get to know people, and achieve some things for Post Status that would otherwise be rather difficult.

First off, I’ll be there for an entire week. The conference is a single day, but I’m going to have an opportunity to spend time with people and companies in South Africa that are doing amazing things with WordPress. I’m going to try and interview some of them, learn their stories, and share them with you here. Expect one or two new post series to come from the trip.

I’m also speaking at the conference. I’m going to be talking about how blogging has kickstarted my career. I’m really thrilled to have a chance to tell my story and talk about both the seen and unseen benefits to blogging within a niche. I never would’ve guessed it when I started, but it’s pretty easy to see for me now that blogging about WordPress has not only made me a much better developer, but also has been the biggest reason for the success I’ve had so far in my young career. I really hope it’s a topic that can resonate with some other up-and-comers in Cape Town.

Finally, I’m very excited that Post Status is sponsoring WordCamp Cape Town as well. I’ve never sponsored anything before, mostly because such things cost money! However, I think it’s a good chance to invest some of the revenue I’ve made on this site into a broader WordPress community, and to give back a little bit as I can.

There is one track for Cape Town, which I think is great, because I want to see every presentation! I’ll be able to learn from such fine folks as Adii Pienaar, Matty Cohen, and Maria Scarpello from WooThemes, the always excellent Chris Lema, Dave Perel from Obox, and the rest of the speakers I don’t yet know as much about.

It’s going to be a great trip. If you are in South Africa or can make it there in early November, I’d love a chance to meet and get to know you at WordCamp Cape Town or the week before.

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