Life on trial at Automattic

Recently, Dave Clements finished a trial at Automattic. In this summary, he describes the experience in detail, from his initial interview and test to his four week trial.

There were a few things in the post I didn’t already know fully. The most interesting is that Matt Mullenweg still interviews nearly every candidate at the end of the trial; I didn’t know that was still the case.

Come week 4, I had my weekly chat with the hiring team. I was starting to feel really confident in myself, and was starting to get hopeful that the Trial would be over and they would be recommending me for hire (once Trials are recommended for hire, their details are passed on to Matt Mullenweg, who conducts a final interview over Skype, which I’ve heard can last for 4 hours or more – on the encouraging side, I heard that of 100+ people who had reached the β€œMatt chat” only 4 were not offered a job).

Dave wasn’t offered a job at the end of his trial, and he took it in stride. This is an excellent writeup and his attitude is pretty amazing. I hope that if Automattic is his dream job that he gives it another shot down the road.Β I also hope that they honor his request in the blog post and give him a bit more feedback as to why he wasn’t successful.

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