Image optimization and automation in WordPress

Matt Cromwell compares a few different image optimization methods for WordPress sites, including EWWW Image Optimizer, manual optimization, and WPInject.

Matt also mentions the WP plugin, but interestingly, implies that it produces results similar to EWWW, only less effective. I would’ve liked to see it included as well, since it’s such a widely used plugin.

Smush.It is another image Optimizer, and honestly, you can lump it together with the results of EWWW below then mentally make it a little less effective.

Also of note is Matt’s usage of for the testing. What’s neat here is that Jumpstarter provides a free plan with up to 5,000 http requests, which is great for small-scale tests like this. That could be very useful for other testing & comparison projects.

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  1. You are on a roll finding interesting content lately!

    In the bottom of the article he mentions Cloudinary, which actually looks quite promising. I’ve been hoping for a plugin that does some compression pre-upload (possible with js using canvas ) and then further optimization on the server.

    1. Thanks, Peter! Actually, the credit for finding this post goes to Matt himself, as he submitted the link using our submission form.

      Cloudinary definitely looks very interesting. I don’t love the idea of depending on yet another outside service, but it sure does have some impressive looking features.

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