officially launches as a curated WordPress news site

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5 thoughts on “ officially launches as a curated WordPress news site”

  1. So far I’m loving it. The team behind the project has done a superb job on going beyond the standard WordPress link submission system . Providing the submit button embed code so you can put a “Submit to ManagedWP” button on your own sites is pretty awesome.

    I’m also loving the ranking system they have built for community members.

  2. I’m happy that there’s another hub for WordPress content. I’ve seen some other people complain that there’s “just another WordPress news site”, but the more contributions / competition / the better. I especially applaud ManageWP for trying to go the user submitted / voted content route.

    At the moment, Twitter is my primary source for WordPress related content, and I don’t think I’ll find a better tool anytime soon. That being said, I hope to see this site grow and will certainly submit links when I remember to.

    • I think it was a great move by team. Because of this, the discussions happen at the source. One of my blog post that got popular at ManageWP fetched about 11 comments. Had it been reddit or something, all the discussion would have happened at the reddit link.

  3. I actually don’t like it. It feels like too much as opposed to the nice focused articles here. But it’s all subjective, and a matter of every person’s personal taste.

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