Map Builder Pro is now available

Not too long ago, I did a bonus link for the upcoming Map Builder Pro plugin. Now it’s out and it looks quite good. Pippin Williamson has done a thorough review by video that really shows you what’s possible, and the demo site also has lots of nice practical examples.

Map Builder Pro is definitely the most slick plugin I’ve seen for building advanced Google maps. This isn’t the kind of plugin you use for a map with a single pin for your contact form (though their free version could certainly handle it). But if you have needs for a store locator, location finder, multi-point map, map with directions, a desire to easily apply custom themes, or other more unique needs, this plugin is going to be right up your alley.

The most interesting feature is the “mashup” option. It can use meta data from a post type, that you define through the map builder GUI, and you can use existing content to create a map with points and data from the posts you define. That is truly unique.

Check out the site for more information — and definitely keep Map Builder Pro in mind for your next project with mapping needs.