Meet WordPress 3.8, Parker

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

17 thoughts on “Meet WordPress 3.8, Parker”

  1. We just dived into a new project today and had the incredible chance to try out 3.8 in a real project. We love it!
    The new admin already saved us tons of hours!
    The overall impression from 3.8. is all thumbs up!

    Great achievement for the whole team that worked on the update. Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for the in-depth review Brian, and congrats for everyone behind this update. However, I think most WordPresser’s, including me, aren’t very much interested in these aesthetics updates. The team should focus more on stability and security.

  3. I hope subsequent releases improve on this because in some places the changes make UX ten times worse. IN some places it feels cleaner, in others the removal of demarcation between different areas brings confusion.

    For example, the lack of separators in menu, seems trivial but for users it adds to overwhelming nature of dashboard. Other places where this update fails include the widget page and the theme page, where bigger thumbs are not necessarily better.

  4. Before the WP is look old and ugly. now is better. I hope they keep working hard like this and start making the WP 4 which is much better and bigger improvement.

  5. I find it interesting how the default theme in this version is actually more complex in many ways. And above and beyond the basic structure we’ve seen before…nicely illustrates the growth WordPress has experience.

  6. I more like wordpress 3.8 than 4.0, maybe because many plugin that i have is already out of date, so i’m affraid it will not compatible with new 4.0

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