Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is an internet entrepreneur from the Netherlands and the founder of Yoast. His extensive background spans digital marketing and WordPress. He and his wife, Marieke, who served as Yoast’s CEO until 2021 when the company was sold to Newfold Digital, share four children and reside in the Netherlands.

Together, they invest in companies with a digital focus through their company, Emilia Capital, and run various projects. Additionally, they are partners here at Post Status, where Joost holds the position of CTO.

Joost’s journey with Yoast began in 2010, following his experiences as a digital marketing consultant across various companies. His expertise includes working on significant SEO projects, such as the site migration of the Guardian from to

In his spare time, Joost often engages in teaching soccer to children. He and Marieke cherish spending their holidays in their Tuscan vacation home or traveling to other destinations around the world.

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