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Verified Profile

Emilia Capital is an investment firm created by Joost de Valk & Marieke van de Rakt. They earned their reputation and financial success through the development of Yoast. Yoast is renowned for its Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, a tool designed to optimize websites for higher rankings in Google. In 2021, Joost and Marieke sold Yoast, with Emilia Capital now overseeing their diverse investment portfolio.

Emilia Capital primarily invests in companies operating within the realm of the World Wide Web. Many of these investments are closely linked to the WordPress ecosystem (Post Status being among them but also Atarim, Equalize Digital, and Extendify to name a few). The belief is that these companies contribute positively to the web through their unique identities and services. Joost and Marieke maintain a close relationship with their portfolio companies. However, they do not impose their decisions; rather, they offer support, encouragement, and advice when sought. Leveraging their vast experience in scaling a business, coupled with their expertise in development and marketing, they aim to assist their invested companies in achieving excellence.

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