Micro and niche conferences abound

There have been many announcements of late for micro and niche conferences. This is a steady occurrence these days, which I’m happy to see, but it’s not easy to keep up with it all. I’m even considering a calendar of sorts that includes events of interest; WPShindig is a good effort at that but it’s not very well curated.

Here are some of the conferences I’ve seen announced that you may have interest in:

  • ThemeConf: A first of it’s kind, ThemeConf is by three Automaticcian’s: Tammie Lister, Jack Lenox, and David Murphy. The event is June 18th and 19th in Keswick, UK. It’s focus is — wait for it — themes!
  • YoastCon: Thijsย de Valk announced today that his company, Yoast, is hosting YoastCon on May 27th in De Lindenberg, The Netherlands. This one seems fairly workshop-styled and they already have some nice speakers lined up.
  • BuddyCamp Miami: WordCamp Miami is doing another BuddyCamp at the 2015 conference, and will be on May 29th. It’s just like WordCamp, but just for BuddyPress lovers. The last two have had 100 and 150 attendees, respectively.
  • Prestige Conference: The next iteration of the business-focused Prestige Conference will be August 1 and 2nd, inย Minneapolis, Minnesota. They announced the Minneapolis right on the heels of the Las Vegas event, which I was able to attend via live stream. I’d recommend this one, if you can swing it. I really enjoyed the live stream.
  • LoopConf: LoopConf will be held May 7th-8th in Las Vegas, and it’s got an all-star lineup geared strictly for developers. This is the most expensive conference on the list, and there’s a lot of hype around it. I’m pretty certain it’s going to be worth the money and the time. I did a post on LoopConf when it was originally announced, if you want more information.

These are just some of the niche conferences I’ve seen that haven’t happened yet. I’m not even counting events that don’t have events scheduled (like PressNomics, Big Snow Tiny Conf, or BeachPress) or regular WordCamps we’ve come to know and love. Our WordPress event space is all grown up.

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