Mike Jolley releases beta of a new job manager plugin

Mike Jolley, the lead developer and original creator of WooCommerce, has released a beta version of a new plugin called WP Job Manager. It’s free and available on Github. Knowing how WooCommerce works, I’m really excited to try this out. In related news, I’d like to know how often Mike sleeps. Surely, it’s around once per month.

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  1. Mike has done such a terrific job with WP Job Manager that he’s managed to build a better product in a few months, where it’s taken AppThemes’ JobRoller years to complete.

    This is also the reason why we’ve started porting our JobRoller products over to WP Job Manager – starting with Auto Location (more info at http://tinygiantstudios.co.za/store/wp-job-manager-auto-location)…

    In my opinion, it’s the WordPress Job Management plugin to note – based on the same add-on model of the hugely successful WooCommerce, I think it’s got a bright future ahead!

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