Mike McAlister on creating a WordPress theme

I did another interview, that for now is for members only. This one is with Mike McAlister, on the process of creating a WordPress theme:

Mike recently released Paperback, a magazine focused WordPress theme. I really like Paperback (like I like almost all of his themes at Array Themes), and I wanted to talk to him about what his process is from the beginning to the end, when he makes the theme for sale.

Our call was supposed to only be about 15-20 minutes, but we went nearly 45. I think they are 45 minutes well spent, and if you are curious about the process of making a WordPress theme for distribution, you will enjoy it. Also, Mike and I spend a decent amount of time just discussing the sustainability of the theme market.

Paperback has some really clever elements that I think make it quite special. Also, the sales page is nice and detailed. We discuss these elements, and more. I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the links we discussed:


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