New committers for WordPress 4.3

With the WordPress 4.3 release cycle, three new people are getting guest commit access, two are continuing their guest commit access from 4.2, and three have been announced to have permanent commit access.

New guest committers for WordPress 4.3:

  • Ella Van Dorpe: WordPress core contributor for SiteGround and has been very active with front-end editing, the admin editor, distraction free writing, etc.
  • Weston Ruter: CTO of XWP, the WordPress arm of X-Team. Basically the lead for all things customizer.
  • Konstantin Obenland: Code Wrangler at Automattic and 4.3 release lead. Has had his hands in a variety of things, with a particular influence on default themes.

Guest committers renewed for 4.3:

  • Jeremy Felt: Does awesome web stuff at WSU. Dominates core Multisite challenges.
  • Aaron Jorbin: Technical Architect at Conde Nast. Does many things with core, but I love following his work with tooling.

Permanent committers (technically since 4.2, but just announced. #blamenacin)

  • John Blackbourn: Engineer at Human Made, also led WordPress 4.1.
  • Boone Georges: Self employed, lead developer of BuddyPress. Taxonomy and query whisperer of late.
  • Gary Pendergast: Code Wrangler at Automattic. King of Emoji (and you know, other stuff).

I love the diversity in this group. People from different backgrounds, companies, and countries. Nacin has more details and links on Make Core.

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