How the new Wired is wired

Wired has been around a long, long time. They just launched a major redesign and build of the website. Wired was already on WordPress, but they made major structural changes over the last couple of years and today’s launch is the culmination of that project.


Kathleen Vignos — Wired’s Director of Engineering — wrote about some of the technology behind Wired on their blog. You may also recognize Kathleen if you attended WordCamp San Francisco last year; she spoke on their move from 17 WordPress installs to one.

Wired was hyper-focused on a mobile-first approach, as well as improving performance with the new site. My readers should know who Zack Tollman is, and he’s also who lead the performance initiative for the new Wired website. I can’t imagine a better person to have taken on that task.

I’d love to learn more about Wired’s custom curation tool, as well as how they are using the new WordPress REST API, which they have enabled.

It’s always great to see big publishers using WordPress full-stop. Wired’s parent company, Condé Nast, has made big investments to building websites on top of and with WordPress. I think Wired and the still new New Yorker were both beautifully done.

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