New WordPress committers

WordPress 4.4's start includes updates to the WordPress committer list.

For 4.4, one new guest committer was added, three guest committers were renewed, and two were made permanent.

  • Added: Tammie Lister
  • Renewed: Ella Van Dorpe, Weston Ruter, Konstantin Obenland
  • Made permanent: Aaron Jorbin, Jeremy Felt

The privilege of commit means what it looks like: these folks can commit patches to core. It makes them a gatekeeper to what features and fixes go into WordPress trunk. Most of their work will still be reviewed by a lead developer, but it gives them a lot of responsibility.

All of these folks have made big contributions for quite some time and are well deserving in their recognition. Bringing up new committers is a great tradition of WordPress and I'm happy to see this responsibility and trust bestowed on these contributors.

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