One year of Post Promoter Pro

We often hear of big fails and big success stories with WordPress plugins and products. It was refreshing to hear Chris Klosowski blog about his experience selling Post Promoter Pro, his commercial buffer-style plugin that has done okay, but certainly not made him rich yet.

Many times when seeing products out in the WordPress ecosystem it’s hard not to think, “This plugin/theme must be killing it!”, when in reality, no one except the owner and maybe a few trusted people know for sure. This false reality initially lead me to believe that Post Promoter Pro would just sell without a problem. Clearly I was caught up in the ‘product hype’. In reality it didn’t sell this year as I had hoped, but I think that’s ok. It’s taught me one very important lesson.

It takes more than quality code and a solid idea to grow a successful product.

Over this year I’ve been forced to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to development as well as networking with users and potential customers. I never expected the business of learning to promote my product would be as difficult as it is. The idea that “It just sells itself” is ludicrous. In a competitive space, it’s all about the pitch.

Chris has sold the product 33 times for a total of $1,688. Fortunately, he has a job and other revenue in his life. But it doesn’t make Post Promoter Pro a failure. From everyone I’ve heard speak of it, it’s a good product. Like he says, it’s about the pitch.

And now he’s in the grind. Most of us are, and it’s good to hear stories like his, as they are likely the most realistic stories for folks selling a product.

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