Only “Mostly Uninstalled” If you use…

Only “Mostly Uninstalled”

If you use or have ever used Zoom on for MacOS, you should be aware of a vulnerability that allows a malicious website to enable your camera without your permission. Even if you’ve uninstalled Zoom, you are still vulnerable. 😲

To paraphrase Miracle Max, there’s a big difference between mostly uninstalled and all uninstalled.

On Sunday, July 14, a fix from Zoom was released, so manually update your app!

Apple even stepped in to remove the local server Zoom installs (Yikes!) in a silent update. (Thank you, Apple!) 🙏

Developers can learn a few things from this incident. At the very least, uninstalling and deleting an app or plugin should remove all traces of your code. Also, decisions that ignore the end user’s best interest will come back to haunt you. 👻