Build Better BuddyPress Communities. We’re here to help you launch a social network for your business, nonprofit, academic community or anything in between.

With WeFoster.co we’re building a community where we show folks how BuddyPress is being used to create a wide range of social networking solutions in the real world. Through user education we can mature the market, reach new audiences and create a healthy, growing and sustainable ecosystem around BuddyPress solutions and products.

We believe there is a huge potential for growth in a lot of markets (Education/LMS, Membership Communities, Business/Intranet solutions) but currently there is a lack of (curated) information and resources available for new BuddyPress users. This is the problem we set out to solve when we started working on WeFoster more than a year ago.

If you are reading this and you're a member of Post Status, we would love to hear how you are building communities with BuddyPress.

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