Our Door is Always Open

Coming soon: the Post Status Index, an EMEA Huddle requested by our European members, and my talk about the importance of taking time off. Also, our door is always open for members of Underrepresented in Tech and anyone who finds the cost of membership a barrier to joining us. If you work professionally in WordPress or want to, we want you here!

The Post Status Index is in its MVP state thanks to big help from members Kelley Muro and Scott Kingsley Clark. It is finally going out next week, first to Partners and business members (Agency Owners and Product Founders). Then we will be opening up to all Professionals in WordPress. This is a much-needed and overdue revamp of our old directories for members and organizations. We’re going to start small and grow it into THE place to be known and recognized in the WordPress ecosystem.

Speaking of that, there have been some misconceptions about our membership. For at least the last 6 months, we have offered scholarships to all members of Underrepresented in Tech and discounts to Professionals who cannot afford the membership. (Just ping us if you would like to join.) We want this to not only be a safe place but a very, very globally inclusive community.

Next, our weekly Member Huddles are back and intended to be a source of connection and camaraderie as we share about our work and worlds. Sign up for our weekly Member Huddle. And after my two trips to Europe this year for Post Status, we had a number of people ask for a Member Huddle for those in Europe and beyond. Post Status Member Jason Rouet and I will be hosting our first Member Huddle for our European community on Wednesday, July 13 at 4 PM (GMT+2),  and it is open to anyone as always.

Finally, after 6+ months of a β€œforced” sabbatical I’m sharing my experience and takeaways next week (Friday, July 15 at 1 PM CST). You can RSVP now. My intention in offering my story is to say very clearly, “you’re not alone.” I want to offer my experiences as inspiration for how others might take some much-needed time off to work on themselves.

Until then, thank you for being an amazing community that we have the privilege to serve as we Give, Grow, Together.

β€” Cory

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