Pattern library for accessible WordPress themes

Back in January, a team was formed to create a pattern library for accessible WordPress themes.

They stated their goals for the new pattern library:

The goals are simple:

  • Become a central resource for WordPress theme developers to learn about and how to implement accessible patterns for accessibility-ready themes.
  • Patterns should be self contained and have as few dependencies as possible.
  • Be a codebase that gets tested rigorously, evolves constantly and keeps it simple.

I missed that, but in the February update they talked about the formation of the team, goals, and there is also some sample code on the Github account now.

I think this could end up as a nice addition to an existing handbook on, or be one of its own.

If you’re interested in more non-WordPress specific Accessibility initiatives, check out the Accessibility Project as well. I think it’s a great resource that makes a11y issues easier to understand.

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