PhpStorm IDE gets official WordPress support in version 8

phpstormPhpStorm is a full-featured IDE that has somewhat of a cult following amongst the WordPress developers I follow. Made by JetBrains, it's notable for being lighter weight than most IDEs, web development specific (though not just PHP as the name implies), and very customizable.

Today, they've announced official support for managing WordPress projects. According to the launch post, the WordPress specific features include:

  • WordPress integration in PhpStorm for new plugins (with plugin skeleton) and existing projects
  • WordPress code style
  • Development environment configuration for WordPress
  • Hooks support (Completion for registration functions parameters; Navigation from hook registration functions to hook invocation; Callbacks from hook registration; and other hooks-related features)
  • Search on right from the editor
  • WordPress command line tool WP-CLI integration

They also link to a full tutorial for using it with WordPress that has more great screenshots like the one I show above. The changes are available for preview now in their Early Access Program, and will be baked into Version 8.

Those that are familiar with using a full IDE will probably get along just fine with PhpStorm. Those that primarily use text editors like Notepad++ or Sublime Text or Coda may be overwhelmed at first. There are many advantages of using an IDE, but they've historically been plagued for being slow and complicated. PhpStorm works hard to not be.

If you're intrigued but love Sublime Text, Jeffrey Way (formerly of Envato) has a tutorial on his membership site called, Make PhpStorm Pretty that you can enable for $9, and he shows you how to make it look very similar to Sublime. That's pretty cheap to make your every day coding environment better. And a double win if you're interested in Laravel anyway.

I've been intrigued by PhpStorm for a long time, but this finally be what encourages me to give it a shot.