Plugin aims to make managing nonprofits easier

A company called Wired Impact has released an intriguing new plugin called Nonprofit Board Management. The plugin is a combination of a people / board member content type, event RSVP management, committee management, and document / resource management. It’s a free plugin on, and they’ve also got a couple of paid extensions for more advanced event functionality.

This plugin looks like it’s got some pretty nice functionality. However, it also seems extremely niche, especially when the functionality itself seems as if it could be applied much more generically if it weren’t for the limited labeling that’s applied. If I were them, I’d look at making this plugin a bit more flexible than for “boards” in particular.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the write-up on our Nonprofit Board Management plugin. It was really exciting for us to build it, but we’re even more excited for the community to use it.

    I also totally agree that the plugin can be used in a number of other situations outside of nonprofit boards. Since we make websites for nonprofits the plugin is really focused on benefiting that audience, but the beauty of WordPress is that anyone who wants to use it can.

    If any other readers have feedback we’d love to hear it. Thanks again Brian.


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