Post Status Comments — Join Us May 24th for “What If There Was a WordPress Lite?”

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Written By Dan Knauss

4 thoughts on “Post Status Comments — Join Us May 24th for “What If There Was a WordPress Lite?””

      • No, today Ghost is not WP Lite — but as I understand it, that was part of its original motivation. Just blogging. But given any minimalistic product time, and it will add features that change its purpose to suit paying customers.

        My sense is that Ghost iterated toward something I thought WP+Jetpack would do, especially if they had bought Postmatic/Replyable. It’s not exactly “lite” blogging but one good step farther that makes it capable of basic e-commerce, subscription, and patronage-driven content. Like Substack. Or now WP+Leemon Squeezy.

        It’s a particular feature set that could be easily packaged into an indieweb Lite WP+subscriptions/newsletter distro. I’m surprised nobody has done it as a SaaS or public “blueprint” for site builders. It’s basically the intermediate small business step between “just blogging for myself” and a full-flegded e-commerce or content site. The ability to start simple, grow, and branch in different paths (with supportive communities baked in) might be a unique WP strength.

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