Membership and Courses with Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe on Memberships and Courses

In this episode, Sean explains the fundamentals of selling courses online as you build your learning community and your courses.

“It's easier to sell courses today… what hasn't changed is HOW you sell and the validation of what you're selling.”

Cory Miller talks with Sean McCabe, CEO of Seanwes Media. While it’s likely never been easier to sell courses for an audience (especially if you are using a system like WordPress), what hasn’t changed — according to Sean — is the marketing and the validation of what you are marketing, how you are marketing it, and how you are pricing it. Sean shares his perspectives on these permanent problems, outlining what has and hasn’t worked for him. Sean also shares his thoughts on what comes first — the community, the courses, or both. This is a must-listen for anyone with a membership course or learning site, or anyone who is thinking of starting one.

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