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Post Status Live webinars are hosted by Post Status Publisher and CEO, Cory Miller. They feature special guests and subjects relevant to WordPress professionals. Audience participation is welcome! Let’s learn together.

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Post Status Live – The Right Approach to WordPress Accessibility

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Cory Miller
If you’re a leader, a developer, or a designer about to start a major website project, this webinar will help you navigate the important topic of accessibility. Cory Miller is joined by the team at Modern Tribe - Chris Kindred, Director of Backend Development, Sarah Gless, Creative Director, and Mike Klanac, Director of Business Development, to discuss why accessibility is imperative and how to integrate it into each aspect of development and implementation.
Modern Tribe: The Right Approach to Accessibility"
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WordPress at a Massive Scale

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Olivia Bisset
Cory Miller talks with Lead Solutions Engineer at WordPress VIP, Sean O'Shaughnessy. Learn about WordPress hosting at a massive scale with some blind case study examples.

Front-End Performance in WordPress

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Olivia Bisset
Want WordPress to run faster? In this webinar, you will learn how to think about front-end performance, as well as the tools and tactics to improve your visitor’s experiences.
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