2021 End of Year Member Huddle — Cory Miller on Post Status Live

Cory led the first Post Status Year End Member Huddle on Tuesday, and you can watch or listen to the recorded presentation part below. It’s a mix of information, discussion, a year-end exercise for you to Look Back / Look Forward. There was also some FUN — swag giveaways and a best ugly sweater contest.

Get the Look Back / Look Forward materials below, and post your responses in #club.

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The Look Back / Look Forward Exercise

We did this exercise in the Member Huddle, and I’d encourage you to take some time and space to do this before year-end.

If you decide to Click Publish on a year-end blog post … please share in #club — we’ll be doing a reflection roundup in next week’s email. 

To begin, think about all the areas that matter to you … but I’ll suggest three simple ones: Personal, Professional and Relationships. 

First, let’s Look Back on 2021.

So open your calendar up. Look through your code repos, or website/blog. Scan your journal. And reflect back on the year. Try to remember all the highs and lows and in-betweens you can. 

What comes up? 

To unearth some things, ask yourself …. 

  • Themes — Do you see any themes emerge? 
  • Celebrations — What went well?
  • Challenges – What didn’t go well?
  • Takeaways — What lessons did you learn?

Let it sit. Don’t rush it. 

Take some time to reflect and review and write some thoughts on all of this, whether it be your journal (analog or digital – I do both) or your blog. 

Next, let’s Look Forward to 2022

Again, think about Personal, Professional and Relational areas as a starter. 

Here are some prompts to help you think about 2022:

  • If next year I’m sending this email out and asking you to look back on 2022 … what do you want to say about it? What do you want to be true? (HT Dan Sullivan)
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What goals do you want to achieve?
  • Or how I’ve been thinking about this …. What paths do you want to follow? (i.e for me Health … I want to walk down the trail of health and being alive and doing the things that helps me feel alive and good and well)
  • What things about 2022 get you pumped up and excited?
  • What obstacles and challenges are in your way? And how can you overcome them?
  • What wishes and wants do you want to put into the world? (i.e. I wish everyone on earth had a mental heatlh therapist.)

Let all of that soak and simmer through the end of the year. Go back to them and seek clarity and confidence. And … support. 

Give, Grow, Together. 

Once you’ve had time to reflect and review and dream and pan … here’s my question for you:

How can I and/or all of Post Status help you go down your paths, achieve your goals? 

Share your answers in #club or DM me in Slack or send me an email at [email protected].

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