Post Status on Slack

I’m happy to announce that the Post Status Slack is ready for members. All registered members should have invites in your inbox from Slack. As new members subscribe, they’ll be invited to join as well.

Everyone is already in the #club or #lol rooms. I hope we can keep conversation in #club nice and civil, as a great place to be a mature, respectful community. You’ll also notice some integrations that’ll pipe stories and other goodies in over time. This is a moderated community.

There are also rooms for #heavydev,Β  #learntogether, and #wpbusiness for more focused conversations. Please respect the room topics!

If folks want to setup their own masterminds, I can create private rooms for you — I thought that could be a fun way for folks to engage with one another.

This is an experiment. I want it to go well, but it is not a promise. If it’s abused or just doesn’t work well, I will shut it down. That said, I’m thrilled to offer a community element to the site like this! I think it will complement the members only resources really well.

If you don’t have Slack, you can go get it at It rules, I promise. But most of you are probably on at least one Slack team, and maybe WordPress’ Slack group too, so this should be second nature by now.


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