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Post Status Picks for the Week of August 29

Building an empire on free code: Matt talks WordPress outside the bubble. James Kemp, Anh Tran, and Phil Webster on WooCommerce options for licensing. Adam Silver on testimonials that help you grow. Anne Bovelett on accessibility and page builders. Jamie Marsland wonders if people building third-party plugins for the block editor have been too preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to ask if they should. Are they heading in the wrong direction?

Post Status Podcast Picks 🎙️

  • What’s Your Problem: A fairly good “outside the WordPress bubble” interview with Matt Mullenweg by Jacob Goldstein. Among other things, they discuss how you can make money and “build an empire” on “free code.”
  • Do The Woo: James Kemp, Anh Tran, and Phil Webster have a discussion about the options for software licensing with WooCommerce, both out-of-the-box or when you roll your own custom-built solution.
  • Kitchen Sink WordPress: Adam Silver on how to use testimonials to grow your business.
  • Matt Report: Anne Bovelett explains why accessibility is important to her, and how to make accessible sites with page builders.

Video Pick:

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