Press This and Customizer Theme Switcher slated for WordPress 4.2 merge

During the weekly core dev chat, held on #core of, two feature as plugins candidates were up for merge consideration: Press This and the Customizer Theme Switcher.

Both candidates were given conditional approval, meaning they are now preparing patches that will sync the feature plugins to the main development branch of WordPress.

Following the merge, there will be a couple of weeks of heavy testing, code review, and usage of the features in the real world. Non-bug changes will be frozen with the first Beta, which is planned for March 11th. You don’t have to wait to play with them though; you can test drive both plugins now.

Press This has been lead by Michael Arestad, and has been under development since last May. If you’re not familiar, Press This is a bookmarklet that allows users to click the bookmark to blog a link from the current URL of the browser. I have a feeling it isn’t used by many folks, but the newest iteration is quite nice. You can also check out Press This on Github, and follow along with its progress on #feature-pressthis in Slack.

The Customizer Theme Switcher project is fairly self-explanatory. It brings the theme finding and testing experience to the customizer. The video from the core proposal post helps show what it looks like:

Nick Halsey is the lead developer for the Customizer Theme Switcher. The meetings are held in #core-customize.

The customizer all the things movement is in full swing. I’m not sure everyone is on board, but we’re definitely seeing more and more modules move that direction.

I’m sure both of these project teams would love your feedback if you have any interest. They probably would’ve loved it more a week or two ago, but now is the time if you have strong opinions. And any efforts for more general tests will be welcomed. For more updates from this week’s dev chat, check out the week in core post.

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