Andrew Norcross

I drink coffee and write code.

Reaktiv Studios founder and general WordPress savant Andrew Norcross, or “Norcross”, is a ninjaneer: he does the job rightly, and precisely, and few who benefit from the results of his actions will ever know with surety the power of his facility, or even that he was there at all.

Shown to life in the Cradle of Attitude. (That would be Boston, where the Charles and Mystic Rivers serve, sullenly, as a convenient analogue to the Tigris and Euphrates.) Nurtured in the humid folds of America’s Wang – Florida, home of superior beardy-punk and default destination for every freak possessed of neither style nor the gas money to get to California. Schooled in … well, you know, school, and educated in somebody else’s idea of fulfillment via a lengthy and successful stint with a global finance concern right after his first college go-round, Norcross ditched collared shirts and currency conversion tables in favor of making a living out of his lifelong love for details, computer language and sarcasm. When he’s not writing code for Reaktiv, he’s….writing code anyways by posting tips and tutorials on his own site.

He survives on caffeine, fast guitar music, whatever food is available while the rednecks are sleeping, and the cubic yards of money he makes being awesome at what he does. He hasn’t slept since Camel Lights were still four bucks a pack.

Beneath the colorfully tattooed skin and lanky frame beats the heart of a competitor, a guy whose eclectic background as code geek, athlete and punk-scene lifer has coalesced into a fiercely creative, independent and energetic methodology. He knows the languages. He’s a digital alchemist; Norcross has thought of the things the clients haven’t, because – all together now – that’s his job.

Norcross has an amazing wife and three awesome kids that his friends raise above their shoulders and say hilarious nonsensical things to before, while and after asking him for advice about their web properties. Like, at family barbecues and stuff.

It’s kind of embarrassing.

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