Questions to ask when building a team

A few of the manager at Web Dev Studios discuss some of the questions you should ask when you’re building out a team.

While thatโ€™s a simple foundation to start from, there are also some key questions to ask and qualities to look for when youโ€™re building up your team. One of the best things about WDS is the fact that it has so many amazing team members, many of which have backstories that, from the outside, may not make them look like the obvious best fit for a web development agency. The reason that we have such an eclectic crew, though, is because the questions that our folks ask themselves (and of prospective team members) when expanding are often questions that cannot be answered by reading a resume.

The answers were insightful and can help you, if you’re looking to build your team. Scaling can be tough so it’s good to be able to learn from those that have gone ahead of you.