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Written By Ryan McCue

10 thoughts on “A future API”

  1. Well written and helpful to REST API neophytes like myself. Thank you very much for your work in making WP even more useful.

  2. Interesting perspective on WordPress.org as a future part of the REST API ecosystem. I’ve never thought of .org as a potential service provider beyond its role as the home of project/community-related interaction and theme/plugin directories. If the fictional scenario outlined above should ever be considered seriously, it’d require some major discussion and, ultimately, changes in how .org would be managed. Whether for better or for worse? Time will tell. Or not. 🙂

    • Yes the WordPress.org aspects of it aren’t something that have been discussed with me, or that I’m sure a function the site should serve. The beauty of open source WP is its decentralization, but this article points out pretty well that decentralization makes many of the promises of the REST API tough because there are challenges of authentication, versioning, and user interface on third parties (like picking endpoints).

      • I guess WordPress.org was just picked as an obvious example here. There could easily be a different third party site which did the same task for fourth party vendors. That’d keep dot org nicely out of the loop, while still offering the same level of service.

  3. I’m currently using the WordPress REST API to do some really fun things. The project is for an art installment that has locations all over the city. I created a custom post type for the art pieces, which have advanced custom fields for the longlat, as well as descriptions and other information about the piece. These are then fed into the Google Maps API and loaded onto the page, the info windows load in the relevant post information.

    All of this was extremely easy to get setup and I am amazed at all of the possibilities using the API. I look forward to working with it more in the future.

    • That’s amazing Luke, thanks for sharing that! Always great to hear how people are using the API in insane ways I’ve never even considered. 🙂

  4. Really inspiring stuffs here. I’m looking forward to creating my first mobile app with the API which is actually awesome. Still The API is not for the faint of heart. Basic interactions can and in most cases should be bone with simpler API such as the AJAX. Good job Ryan!

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