Quite a bit of developer information…

Quite a bit of developer information has been published on the upcoming WordPress 5.3 release this past week:

👉🏻 In WordPress 5.3, the version of Backbone bundled with WordPress will be updated from version 1.3.3 to 1.4.0 with a few noteworthy items for developers.
👉🏻 A new ability now exists to filter by nested fields in the REST API.
👉🏻 There is now a “show password” button on the WordPress login screen.
👉🏻 WordPress 5.3 introduces a new way to manage sizeable images by detecting big images and generating a “web-optimized maximum size” for them. Along with this feature comes a new big_image_size_threshold filter.
👉🏻 The PHP 5.6 spread operator has been introduced to WordPress in several places.
👉🏻 The register_meta functions (including register_post_meta) now support the object and array data types.
👉🏻 New functions exist to add the UGC (user-generated content) attribute to links, and WordPress is adding it to comments. Now wp_rel_nofollow_callback() will be deprecated in favor of more generic callback function, wp_rel_callback().

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